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  • Swiss-American Business Relations: A View from Washington
    Ambassador Manuel Sager
  • Swiss-American Business Relations: A View from Bern
    Ambassador Donald S. Beyer
  • It is Time to Move On, Let's Build the Future Together
    Dr. Josef Ackermann, Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich
  • 2013 U.S. Legislative Agenda - Impact on Swiss Business
    Dr. Daniel A. Wuersch, Wuersch & Gering LLP, New York
  • Switzerland and Multinationals: A Win-Win Scenario
    Frédérique Reeb-Landry, Procter & Gamble, Geneva
  • Swiss Growth Champions: Innovating for Success
    Thomas D. Meyer, Accenture, Zurich
  • Business Expansion in the USA: Why Three Mid-Size Swiss Industrials Invest More than US$ 150 into US Manufacturing
    Alexander Hagemann, Schaffner Holding AG, Luterbach
    Dr. Jacques W. Sanche, BELIMO Holding AG, Hinwil
    Franziska Tschudi Sauber, WICOR HOLDING AG, Rapperswil
  • Demographic Change: The Neglected Megatrend
    Klaus-Peter Röhler, Hans-Peter Nehmer, both Allianz Suisse, Zurich
  • Creative Chaos for Greater Growth
    Peter Waser, Microsoft Services Western Europe, Wallisellen
  • Building a More Resilient Financial System: Assessing the Measures Taken
    Prof. Dr. Axel P. Lehmann, Dr. Carin Huber both Zurich Insurance Group, Zurich
  • Extraterritorial Effects of US Regulation on Non-US Banks
    Ulrich Körner, UBS AG, Zurich
  • White-Money Strategy
    Marnin Michaels, Baker & McKenzie, Zurich
  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS)
    Prof. Dr. Robert J. Danon, University of Lausanne, Lausanne
  • Trends in International Investment Flows from and to Switzerland
    Dr. Ralf C. Schlaepfer, Robert Reppas, Deloitte AG, Zurich and Basel
  • The FATCA Agreement Between Switzerland and the USA
    Marnin Michaels, Baker & McKenzie, Zurich
    Walter H. Boss, Poledna Boss Kurer AG, Zurich
  • Practice of Swiss Tax Authorities
    Dr. Markus F. Huber, Ernst & Young, Geneva
    Dr. Thomas Semadeni, Oliver Krummenacher, both Ernst & Young, Zurich
  • Canton of Ticino: Keeping a Competitive Framework for Multinatinal Companies
    Franco Polloni, BSI, Lugano
  • United Front Against Computer Malware and Cybercrime
    Petra Jenner, Microsoft Switzerland, Wallisellen
    Reto Häni, Microsoft Western Europe, Wallisellen
  • Trade
    Sibille Duss, UBS AG, WMR Economic & Swiss Research
  • Investments
  • Migration and Tourism Statistics
    Lorna Reid Nitschke, Senior Member Non-Immigrant Visa, U.S. Embassy, Bern
  • Treaties, Agreements and Conventions
    compiled by Dr. Alfred Reber,
    continued and amended by Christian Reber, Attorney-at-Law,
    Spectrum Value Management Ltd, Jona
    Further contents:
  • The USA in Switzerland
    Directory of U.S. companies in Switzerland (Listing with company names, name and title of executive, address, phone and fax numbers, no. of employees, parent company name and address); American companies in Switzerland with International Headquarter Functions; Other AmChams Europe, U.S. Clubs and Organizations in Switzerland
  • Switzerland in the USA
    Directory of Swiss companies in USA (Listing with company names, name and title of executive, address, phone and fax numbers, no. of employees, parent company name and address); Other Bilateral Swiss Chambers of Commerce; Swiss Clubs and Organizations in the USA
  • Directory of Members
    Company Members, Members in the USA, Individuals, Classified Section of Company Members (NAICS)
  • U.S.-Swiss business relations
    Comprehensive collection of facts and figures covering trade, investments, technology, trourism, migration, etc.