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  • Swiss-American Business Relations: A View from Washington
    Ambassador Martin Dahinden, Swiss Ambassador to the United States of America
  • Swiss-American Business Relations: A View from Bern
    Ambassador Suzan LeVine, Ambassador of the United States of America to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • 2015 U.S. Legislative Agenda - Impact on Swiss Business
    Dr. Daniel A. Wuersch, Wuersch & Gering LLP, New York
  • Maintaining Competitiveness in Switzerland After Repeated Exchange Rate Shocks
    Robert Reppas, Deloitte AG, Basel
    Dennis Brandes and Dr. Philipp Merkofer, both Deloitte AG, Zurich
  • The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
    Ambassador Didier Chambovey, Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research EAER, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Berne
  • Getting Individuals to Work in Switzerland
    Thomas D. Meyer, Accenture, Zurich
  • Why the Swiss Favor Executive Management Education in the U.S.
    Dr. Björn Johansson, Johansson Associates Inc, Executive Search Consultants, Zurich
  • Revised Model Non-Prosecution Agreement for Swiss Banks and Penalty Mitigation Guidance
    Marnin Michaels, Baker & McKenzie, Zurich
    Anne Gibson, Boston University School of Law, Boston
  • Swiss Views on the Future of FATCA
    Dr. Peter R. Altenburger, ALTENBURGER LTD legal + tax, Küsnacht
  • Swiss Corporate Tax Reform III - Will Switzerland Still Be The No. 1 Tax Location?
    Armin Marti and Dr. Remo Küttel, both PwC, Zurich
  • Swiss Federal Tax Administration Issues Revised Clarifications on Taxation of Swiss Principal Taxation
    Dr. Markus Frank Huber, Eric Duvoisin, both EY, Geneva
    Dr. Urs Landolf, PwC, Zurich
  • A Booming U.S. Market Driven by Re-Industrialization - Opportunities for Specialty Chemicals Companies
    Dr. Rudolf Wehrli and Dr. Kai Rolker, both Clariant International, Muttenz
  • Marketing with the Country of Origin - A Comparison Between the U.S. and Switzerland
    Dr. Stephan Feige and Raphael Annen, both htp St. Gallen, Zurich
  • Growing a Solid Manufacturing Based Economy Through Dual Education
    Frank Brinken, Starrag Group Holding, Rorschacherberg
  • Swiss Companies at Risk From Global Cyber Threats
    Alexander Nagler, AIG Europe Limited, London, Glattbrugg
  • R&D Tax Incentives in Switzerland
    Stefan Kuhn and Maxim Dolder, both KPMG, Zurich
  • Trade
    Sibille Duss, UBS AG, Economist, Chief Investment Office WM
  • Investments
  • Migration and Tourism
    Lorna Reid Nitschke, Senior Member Non-Immigrant Visa, U.S. Embassy, Bern
  • Treaties, Agreements and Conventions
    Christian Reber LL.M., Attorney at Law,
    Spectrum Value Management Ltd, Rapperswil-Jona
    Further contents:
  • The USA in Switzerland
    Directory of U.S. companies in Switzerland (Listing with company names, name and title of executive, address, phone and fax numbers, no. of employees, parent company name and address); American companies in Switzerland with International Headquarter Functions; Other AmChams Europe, U.S. Clubs and Organizations in Switzerland
  • Switzerland in the USA
    Directory of Swiss companies in USA (Listing with company names, name and title of executive, address, phone and fax numbers, no. of employees, parent company name and address); Other Bilateral Swiss Chambers of Commerce; Swiss Clubs and Organizations in the USA
  • Directory of Members
    Company Members, Members in the USA, Individuals, Classified Section of Company Members (NAICS)
  • U.S.-Swiss business relations
    Comprehensive collection of facts and figures covering trade, investments, technology, trourism, migration, etc.