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›  We need a Swiss-USA Free Trade Agreement Now!
›  Los Angeles Is World's Top City For Purchasing Power; Zurich and Geneva in the top 5
›  Swiss companies hit by US tariffs on steel and aluminium
›  Human Freedom Index
›  The Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2018
›  New study on CH-style Vocational Education and Training
›  50 Years Swiss Amcham Jubilee: Testimonials by former Chairmen & Presidents
›  Switzerland is voted as the best country in the world
›  Global Entry open for Swiss Citizens
›  New Swiss Amcham Flyer
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Events Switzerland
NextGenCH Event - Park Basel Area AG
, Zurich
CEO Luncheon with Etienne Jornod, Executive Chairman , Vifor Pharma Group
, Zurich
Hidden Swiss Champions: World of Coffee
, Zurich
HR Personnel Forum
, Zurich
CEO Luncheon with Dr. Flemming Ornskov, CEO , Shire
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Events USA
Sept. 27, New York
EACC Annual Fall Networking Cruise
Oct. 11, Los Angeles
An Evening honoring Ambassador Dr. Martin Dahinden and Mr. Martin Naville
Oct. 24, New York
Women in Law Panel Discussion
Oct. 25, New York
Swiss Hockey Night
Dec. 6, Los Angeles
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›  Yearbook 2018/2019
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›  Business News No. 389
›  Business News No. 388
Chamber Studies
›  Jobs Now: New study on CH-style Vocational Education and Training
›  Clarity on Business Location Switzerland
Other Publications
›  The Americanization of Swiss Legal Culture
›  Great publication on Swiss direct investments in the USA
›  Banking services to U.S. related persons resident in Switzerland
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