Nominations Committee

The Chamber’s bylaws require the appointment of a three-member Nominations Committee to prepare the list of candidates for the election of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. Such appointments of candidates are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

portriat of Thomas  Wellauer


Thomas Wellauer

Chairman of the Board
SIX Group Ltd.

portriat of Dominik  Schaller


Dominik Schaller

Managing Partner & Country Leader Switzerland
Egon Zehnder International (Switzerland) Ltd

portriat of Jasmin  Staiblin


Jasmin Staiblin

Multiple Board Member

Public Affairs Committee

The public affairs program provides a forum for well-known speakers from both the public and the private sector. The planning and implementation of this program is under the responsibility of the Public Affairs Committee.

portriat of Gaëlle   Boix

Chairman Geneva

Gaëlle Boix

Managing Partner
Egon Zehnder

portriat of Andreas  Staubli

Chairman Zurich

Andreas Staubli

Chief Executive Officer

Senior Advisory Council

The Senior Advisory Council was established to recognize and honor members who in the past have served in some Chamber leadership capacity. Members make themselves available for consultation to the Chamber’s leadership. They participate - to the extent possible - at special Chamber functions. Members are nominated by the Nominations Committee, appointed by the Chairman and confirmed by the Board of Directors.

portriat of Markus  Akermann
Markus Akermann

portriat of Walter H. Diggelmann
Walter H. Diggelmann

former CEO Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
Walter H. Diggelmann

portriat of Louis R.  Hughes
Louis R. Hughes

portriat of Markus R. Neuhaus
Markus R. Neuhaus

Vice-Chairman of the Board, Chairman Galenica AG
Barry Callebaut AG

portriat of Bruno  Pfister
Bruno Pfister

Non-executive Board Member
SCOR Services Switzerland AG

portriat of Peter  Quadri
Peter Quadri

portriat of Gérard R. Vittecoq
Gérard R. Vittecoq

Former Group President Energy & Power Systems Caterpillar

portriat of Peter  Voser
Peter Voser

ABB Ltd.

portriat of Peter F. Weibel
Peter F. Weibel

Trustee der Asia Society Switzerland