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Okt. 2013 Swiss Foreign Direct Investment in the United States - Report 2013  
Aug. 2012 Federal Popular Initiative "Against Abusive Remunerations"  
Juni 2012 Updated Presentation on why we say: "Switzerland - the best place to do business"
Over 70 pages of figures, statistics and graphs on the relationship between the USA and Switzerland.
Apr. 2012 Visa Waiver Program: Extension of the Visa Waiver Program with the USA is under threat
This document seeks to clear up some important misunderstandings and misinformation. It will also hopefully help to make the discussion less emotional and more fact-driven.
Apr. 2012 Visa Waiver Program: Verlängerung des Visa Waiver Programs mit den USA ist gefährdet
Mit diesem Dokument möchten wir Klarheit schaffen zu den kursierenden Missverständnissen und Fehlinformationen. Auch hoffen wir dazu beitragen zu können, dass die anstehende Diskussion sachlich und nicht emotionsgeladen geführt wird.
Nov. 2011 Mercer study: Swiss cities continue to top world rankings
Comment on the very important "Worldwide Quality of Living" report from Mercer.
Okt. 2009 Ticino Chapter: Business Location Ticino - Facts & Figures
A study done by our Ticino Chapter: All you need to know about the Business Location Ticino.
Apr. 2009 The Elephant and the Mouse - Presentation at AWF 2009
Comparision between the USA (the Elephant) and Switzerland (the Mouse)
Feb. 2009 Key Facts on CH / USA
Key Facts on Swiss-American friendship:
Celebrating the renewal of the US-Switzerland Parliamentary friendship in Washington D.C. on February 26, 2009