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›  Business News No. 367
›  horizon: "Es braucht Informationen und Erklärungen zuhanden der internationalen Wirtschaft"
›  Finanz und Wirtschaft: "Das Hearing hat keine rechtliche Konsequenz"
›  Ordinance to implement Minder Initiative: Englisch translation
›  Swiss Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
›  Press release: Yearbook 2013/2014
›  Free Trade Agreement China-Switzerland signed
›  Global Innovation Index 2013: Switzerland No. 1
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Events Switzerland
May 13, Zurich
CEO Luncheon with Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB)
May 22, Zurich
CEO Luncheon with Axel A. Weber, Chairman, UBS
June 10, Lugano
Ticino Hospital Network: Is the geographic scope still effective?
June 11, Zurich
Caught Between FATCA (U.S.) & the AEI (OECD)
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Events USA
Apr. 25, Los Angeles
OC Swiss Pot au Feu
Apr. 28, Boston
MBA FSI University of St. Gallen
May 8, Boston
European Food Festival - Eat, Drink, Network, Enjoy!
May 14, New York
European-American Chamber of Commerce Spring Networking Event
May 14, San Francisco
The Future of Venture Capital
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Chamber Publications
›  Swiss Merger Law
›  Yearbook 2013/2014
›  Swiss Banking
An introduction for bank customers and their advisors
›  Swiss Civil Code I
›  Swiss Contract Law
›  Swiss-U.S. Income Tax Treaty
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›  NEW! Boston Swissnex Newsletter
Chamber Studies
›  Multinational Companies in Geneva & Vaud: Growth Engine at Risk
›  Fiscal Promotion of Innovation
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