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›  NEW! Former Chairman Jim Schiro passed away. (letter from Chairman Harry Hohmeister)
›  Business News No. 369
›  Speech by Josef Ackermann at AGM 2014: Is Switzerland Still at the Center of Europe?
›  Switzerland still #2 in IMD Competitiveness
›  Let's welcome the new U.S. Ambassador Suzi LeVine to Switzerland!
›  Swiss Foreign Direct Investment in the United States
›  Global Innovation Index 2013: Switzerland No. 1
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Events Switzerland
Aug. 27, Zurich
Schweizer KMUs in den USA: Erfolg für Automobil-Zulieferer
Sept. 1, Lugano
Ticino Annual Dinner with Dr. Thomas J. Jordan
Sept. 18, Geneva
Albert Gallatin Award 2014
Sept. 23, Zurich
CEO Luncheon with Urs Rohner, Chairman Board of Directors, Credit Suisse Group
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Events USA
Aug. 28, San Francisco
European Networking Event in San Francisco
Sept. 1, Boston
Watt d'Or Exhibition
Sept. 2, San Francisco
Farewell Dinner for
Sept. 12, Boston
New England Business Breakfast
Sept. 25, Boston
Solar Impulse and the Swiss-American Aerospace Connections - Prof. Olivier de Weck
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›  Swiss Merger Law
›  Yearbook 2013/2014
›  Swiss Banking
An introduction for bank customers and their advisors
›  Swiss Civil Code I
›  Swiss Contract Law
›  Swiss-U.S. Income Tax Treaty
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›  Boston Swissnex Newsletter
Chamber Studies
›  Multinational Companies in Geneva & Vaud: Growth Engine at Risk
›  Fiscal Promotion of Innovation
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